2651 Arriving at the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians Engine House

March 2001

Here comes 2651 right down South Main Street in Phillipsburg, NJ on March 3, 2001, under the steady hand of Jim Lilly at the wheel.

To the left you can see what we hope will become a Phillipsburg, NJ landmark passing one that already is, Joe's Steak Shop. - Photo by Dave Phraner

After the 30 plus mile journey 2651 has made it to Phillipsburg, NJ. The truck is seen here cooling its heels, as the crew of movers and handlers plan the next step.

As if old friends meeting in an old railyard Public Service Car 2651 eases past Public Service Sweeper 5173 also calling Phillipsburg home. - Photo by Dave Phraner

Gathering the workers and planning the movements very carefully required several small on site meetings. - Photo by Dave Phraner

One of the many times 2651 had to be jacked.

To the left we see many of the volunteers handling the cribbing material.

Positioning the trucks was a very slow moving and careful process.

Having plenty of hands to help dig in and get dirty really made the work easier then it could have been. As you see to the left the steel i-beam was used to raise and lower the car and needed to be repositioned by hand.

After all of the jacking (for today) and repositioning of cribbing and steel were complete this was how the car sat. One end was close to being in-line with the bolster and the other truck sat just left of center. As you may see the end platform has been removed from the right end but will soon be re attached.

The date is Saturday March 17, 2001 and as you can see 2651 is resting in the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians "Engine House". But it is still sitting on a rack of railroad ties loaded on the freight car trucks. So today the duty is to block the car onto the trucks with much less cribbing. So the car needs to be jacked and slowly lowered onto the trucks.

The work crew from March 17, 2001 pose for a photo with 2651. From left to right are, Rob Hooper, Ken Miller, Bob Hooper, Anne Miller, Glenn Terminelli, Norman Wright, and Jim Tomczyk. Great work everybody.
A special thanks to all of the members and others who were out in force helping do there part to protect this New Jersey treasure. We all are slowly gaining experience in making these jobs look easy.