A New Home for 2651!!

For the better part of almost two decades 2651 the former Public Service Street Car has been covered by a tarp for protection. Well thanks to the Phillipsburg Railroad Historians efforts along with NJERHS, 2651 is going to have a new place to call home.

The Phillipsburg Railroad Historians along with the Town of Phillipsburg have worked to construct a 150 ft., two stall "Pole Building" to be known as "The Engine House". This building will allow for better protection as well as restoration work to be done to 2651. For the time being, car 2651 will be resting on a set of freight car/caboose trucks allowing it to be moved if needed.

This is however a temporary fix until and actual set of power trucks can be acquired for use.

Check back soon for updates regarding the actual move of PS 2651 to Phillipsburg, NJ!

Public Service Car 2651 as it appeared in the Summer of 1995.

PS 2651 end view in summer of 1995.

PS 2651 gets a much needed lift for the coming move. Compared with the 1995 photo above, you can see the difference some 25+ inches of jacking and cribbing and step removal can do. This photo was taken February 3, 2001.

The plan of attack for jacking PS 2651 up and re-cribbing the car as Jim Tomczyk makes short order of removing the steps. Photo was taken February 3, 2001.

The Engine House" located in Phillipsburg, NJ. Enough rail has been laid in the building as of December 2000 to support PS 2651.

The freight car/caboose trucks on which PS 2651 will soon rest.