Remember When??

2651 in Pavonia Yard - 1944

The location is the "Pavonia Yard". Behind the camera (south) is Pavonia Avenue. Ahead, up the ramp, is the Newark Avenue station of the Elevated. The JACKSON car is stopped at the northbound station. Only the JACKSON line used this section of the elevated. The OAKLAND cars, which were rush hour only, used it for non-revenue movements to the Greenville Car House. It is evident that since the yard is empty (it could hold, maybe, a dozen cars) it must be rush hour.

Why this single FEDERAL CAR IS STORED THERE IS A MYSTERY. It is way off course from its normal run, which was from Exchange Place, Jersey City to Kearny/Harrison. This location is farther north near the Union City/Hoboken border of Jersey City, known as "the Heights." Off to the right of the picture is the old Hudson County Court House. Central Avenue is ahead of the JACKSON car, which is headed for the DL&W Hoboken Terminal, about two miles in front of the car. The tracks, on which the FEDERAL car would run, were over 2 ½ miles to the south.

The first day of the FEDERAL line was July 1, 1943 and the last day was July 31, 1945. WW II ended about two weeks later. Al Creamer does not give a date of these pictures but lists it as circa 1944. Al was taking pictures of FEDERAL cars on Montgomery Avenue on 9/16/1944. Also on 9/9/1945, three months after the end of the FEDERAL line, the NRHS ran a fan trip using a 3200 series car on the OAKLAND line but was signed FEDERAL.

If the picture is 1944, it isn't a fan trip since the government wouldn't run one during the war. It must have been used on a regular run. Since the only other picture (in Al Mankoff's book Trolley Treasures) is signed FEDERAL, I am assuming it is a legit picture, not signed FEDERAL by a fan or mistake. By the way the picture in Mankoff's book is on Jackson Avenue, it must be either coming or going to Greenville carhouse on a non-revenue run.

Notes and Photo Provided by
Joe Eid